FAQs about Your Session

Where will my photos be taken?

We can have the session at the location of your choice - my backyard, your house, a park, etc. We will determine the location when we plan your session depending on who and when we are photographing. Taking photos outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon/evening is best for the natural light. My backyard has a large lawn, garden bench, Aspen trees and is adjacent to a hiking trail and farms with wood fences - all which provide beautiful backdrops. Plus our swing set is perfect for when your kids need to take a break and play! It's easy for wardrobe changes and potty breaks too. 


How long will my session last?

Ideally 1 - 1 1/2 hours so we can have some playtime built in but it depends on your needs and how the kids are doing.


What can I do to "prep" my kids to make sure the session goes smoothly?

Kids who are well rested and have full tummies are happier when they are getting their picture taken. A snack or meal right before the session is helpful, just avoid high sugar or caffeine. With your permission I do like to use Smarties as extra incentive! Bring a drink and snacks for them to the session so they can recharge too. 


What should we wear?

Wear comfortable clothing while avoiding busy patterns, writing and logos. Coordinate but don't match exactly. To make everyone look coordinated, keep colors in the same “family” but not the same.  Or have an element that runs through, such as having Dad wear a color that pulls the color of mom’s belt and the baby’s shoes. Textures and layering always look nice too like chunky knit sweaters, vests, layered tops, and jean jackets. Since we do some photographs while sitting in the grass and walking on the hiking trail at my house, wear comfy shoes and non-constrictive clothing (i.e. avoid heels and a constrictive skirt). Pinterest is a great place for photography wardrobe ideas (and really all ideas for everything under the sun!).

Plan on bringing an extra outfit or two to the session. We can discuss more ideas on what to wear when we plan your session. 


What should I expect at the session?

I will have a list of desired shots based on your needs and we will work through them with a lot of quick breaks for playtime and outfit changes (if needed). When photographing just kids, they basically get to play while I photograph them. When photographing your family, play with your kids as I like to get more natural, relaxed, "in the moment" shots.


How does a newborn session work?

A newborn session should be done within the first 14 days while they are still very sleepy and "moldable".  Because of feedings, sessions can take longer. If you are interested in scheduling a newborn session, let me know in advance of your due date and then let me know when your baby is born so we can schedule the session within 14 days. I can come to the hospital (for a VERY quick session) and/or come to your home. 


How do I book a session?

Please call or email me and we will plan your session that will work for you and your family. We will talk about where and when to have the session, what to wear and any other ideas you have.